4 of The Weirdest Headphone Gimmicks

It’s undeniable that the headphone market is getting pretty crowded these days, and with an ever-increasing need to stand out from the competition it’s no surprise that some manufacturers have turned to using unusual gimmicks to market their headphones. So, sit back, strap in and enjoy 4 of the weirdest headphone gimmicks that I’ve found.

Bone Conduction Headphones

Conceptually there is nothing wrong with the idea of developing bone conduction headphones. The idea of being able to listen to music through vibrations rather than actual sound coming from the headphones is amazing. But, the execution leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe we’re just a few years from bone conduction headphones becoming all the rage, but for the time being they deliver a lower quality experience and they look pretty weird to boot.

Solar Power Headphones

These headphones have been produced as a concept of what we might see in the future of headphone design, but that doesn’t make them any less weird or impractical. Using solar power strips along the top of the headband, these headphones would charge themselves while you’re out an about in the sun. The only issue is, who spends that much time in direct sunlight with headphones on? They might be handy for adding some battery life while you’re commuting, but I can’t see them becoming a practical way to keep your headphones charged.

Zipper Strap Headphones

Zipper Strap Headphones are probably the only item on this list that actually found success in the marketplace, and you can still find plenty of options out there right now. The question really is, what’s the point in spending more on a pair of zipper headphones when the rewards they offer are barely tangible? The idea behind these headphones is that when they’re not in use, you zip them up and pop them into your pocket with no fear of them becoming tangled. The issue comes from the fact that when zipped they become difficult to wrap up and store properly. There are also competitors that use cords that are designed to be less susceptible to tangling but still function as normal headphone cords.

Headphone Vibration

The addition of vibration to headphones is a bit of an unusual decision, especially when most headphones primarily advertise their comfort and the smoothness of their sound, but vibrating headphones have become a bit of a trend, especially in headsets aimed at gaming. The idea seems to be that the vibration adds a physical aspect to audio, that makes your experience more immersive. In reality, it simply feels like your headphones are buzzing. These are fine as a novelty, but not for general use. Mercifully most headphones that offer vibration have a toggle that lets you switch it off.

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