What Sound System Should You Get for Your TV

Crafting the ultimate home cinema experience has been getting easier and easier with the advent of 4k OLED screens that offer unrivalled visual fidelity and are increasingly only the thickness of a particularly chunky hobnob. But, with this decrease in thickness, we’ve unfortunately seen a fall in the audio quality that the TV’s speakers can deliver, with less room to fit high-performance components in the box.

If you’ve decided to wave goodbye to relying on the TV’s onboard sound system, there are a few options that you can consider.


This is probably the lowest effort option, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll be skimping on sound quality. If you have a HiFi or stereo system in your home already, then you can repurpose the speakers for use with your TV. Just place them to either side of the telly and make sure that they’re roughly facing where you’ll be watching from. Ta-da you’ll be able to enjoy significantly improved audio. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to use your HiFi for music too if you pick up a splitter for the input jack, which will let you plug the speakers into your HiFi and TV at the same time.

Surround Sound

The option that is most favoured by sound and film aficionados, but it’ll also put a sizable hole in your pocket, with most systems coming in at over a thousand pounds. Using multiple speakers placed around your room, you’ll be immersed in sound completely. This option is not really viable if you don’t have the space to place the speakers properly since wrong placement will diminish the experience and make it not really worth all that money.


Soundbars where the natural response to the drop in audio quality being delivered by TVs. These standalone bars are placed in front or on top of your telly, and they’ll deliver significantly better audio then you’ll get from the onboard speakers. They’re relatively reasonably priced and they don’t take up much room at all, so you should consider these the standard choice for improving your TV audio beyond the baseline.


Soundbases are much the same idea as soundbars in that they are designed specifically to improve the quality of your TVs audio. Instead of coming in the form of a bar that you place beside your TV, a soundbase is more of a block that you place the TV on top of. Soundbases are limited in the size and type of TVs they can be used with, because they have to support the entire weight of the TV, but they can be a great option especially if you’d like a bit more bass than you’ll get from a soundbar.

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